Tom Krapf was born in Washington D.C. as the son of of a german diplomat and his swedish wife, then raised in Tokyo, where he also visited japanese schools
The first pop concert he attended was an afternoon appearance by the talented british popgroup “The Beatles” at the Budōkan in Tokyo, the second one one by the famous german composer Karl Heinz Stockhausen during a worldexhibition in Osaka.
Grewing up in Belgium he quickly got in contact with the local musical scene. Lou Deprijck, Marc Moulin, Lio, Telex. At that time, he already had quite an influence on the style and creation of the fun punk hit „Ça plane pour moi“, also because of his at the time still rather „simple“ and rough ability to play the guitar. The song was covered by numerous musicians like Sonic Youth later on even though. 
In Brussels he also got in contact with André Franquin and Georges Rémis, two famous Belgian Comic Artists, whom he could assist as a trainee. 
While first studying law and communications research & phonetics in Bonn, followed by electronic engineering in Cologne, he also over long times worked as a DJ in clubs and bars („Wartesaal“/ “Moroco” „Kontiki“), as well as a studio guitarist/ bassist, filmactor, set designer, writer and illustrator for various magazines and ads.
End of 1980 he assisted Conny Plank, a studio owner and successful music producer during the time of the recording of Düsseldorf’s DAF’s „Alles ist Gut“ as well as a musician for great located Bands like „Dynnphyff“ amongst others.
In the end of the eighties Tom Krapf moved to Munich, Bavaria, to first attend a job as a music editor for Leo Kirch’s „Filmkunst Musikverlag“ but then rather to decide to create a bar – then to become the “Egon Bar”. Named after the braintruster of former West-Berlin major, then german chancelor Willy Brandt, due to his unofficial diplomacy during the ongoing „cold war“ Egon Bahr himself was also known as „Tricky Egon“ and a close  collegue of Tom’s father since the end of the fifties.
So began a speakeasy place in Toms’ and the journalist Hubert Gertis’ apartment, ‚open’ to public about once a month with about 250 visitors per unit – for over about 5 years – ”Munich’s most beautiful & secret hangout“ (Tempo Magazin / Hamburg), „Great!“ (Jeff Koons / on site) – accompanied by numerous spectacular external events. 

A Bar called Egon - the full Story

By that time, Tom also engaged himself in producing music for pop, shows and film in his studio located right at Munich’s Viktualienmarkt, sort of managed to manage the great band „das Jürgen Rippe Tanzorchester“, where he also took part in as the „wild“ drummer. They spectacularly opened up the first „Hamburger Filmfestspiele“ in 1992 (starting off with “La Paloma”, the city’s anthem). 
During this time he co-organized also larger events like the „Der Wahre Grand Prix“ (a musical Challenge), wrote the script and organized the opulent sci-fi filmmusical “Schlagerland” and the „Wünsch Dir was“ (a dream-) show in 1991, 
In 1993 (up until ’98) the „Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel“ asked Tom to produce & organize about 40 shows & parties („Parties mit Egon Bar“) in the „Marstall“ Theater, their beautiful experimental location in midst of the city of Munich. These included fashionshows, new years galas as well as all kind of performances - including of course lots of great music.
As a logical conclusion, Tom Krapf opened up an ‘official’ Egon Bar in a redlight location nearby, together with Hubert Gertis, some other „silent partners“ – plus a magnificent team.
Both, the parties and the bar, over the times were honored as “events” of the year multiple times. The bar itself (“egon is not name but a principle”, “worldfamous” – SZ Kultur) still has he reputation of being the initiator of the so called „Easy Listening“ or – probably also because of its apparently kitschy decoration – the “Tiki” revival. Ok, we loved to play all these A&M records, film & exotica-scores since time being – but in truth: it was just all about all kinds real good music – and communication.  
Tom Krapf is running his own studios since 1985, owns one of the greatest sound archives (he could even help Brian Eno out once a little for a performance with James Turrell) and – and not only according to himself – is considered to be one oft he most convenient guitarists / bassists  and soundcreators of it’s kind around.
With his partner, Susanne Solau, an award winning musician and a versaille book writer, he founded the music production and advising agency „Studio Bonn“ - named after the former capitol of Germany, the located TV-stations nearby at the time – and also a little reminiscence of the pioneers of the “Synthesizer Studio Bonn”, where he therewhile also bought one of his very first rhythm machines.!/quality/90/?

Krapf & Solau

We design music and sound effects for film, theatre, dance, show and branding. We’re experts in handling loudness and dynamics – from subtile atmospheres and fragile sounds of silences up to stunning blasting effects.

Music to enhance the perfect dramaturgy.

We also love working in consulting – and finding the distinguished choice of already existing music for films, commercials, hotels/bars or events.

The perfect soundscore and feeling for your goals.

Music with a sense of the precise timing.


Manufacturer of music: We produce thrilling and innovative pop music – from cool distinguished grooves up to real killerbeats, from enchanted melodies down to real bombastic rock.

We also produce / remix third parties.

We don’t necessarily like to talk about technics – we work with the best.

But our best techniques are the musicians and djs we work with.


tom krapf